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Prof. Alberto Alonso Babarro

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United Kingdom
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Alberto Alonso Babarro, MD, PhD Coordinador Unidad Cuidados Paliativos Hospital Universitario La Paz Profesor Asociado Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) Director del Master de Cuidados Paliativos de la UAM

As of today I work and live in Erlangen/Bavaria/Germany. Children palliative care accompanies me since my doctoral thesis in medical studies, concerning the development of the Palliative Care Team of the University Children's Hospital in Erlangen/Germany since 2005. In my time as an assistant physician in recent years, I have been able to gain more differentiated experience working with children in palliative situations in the fields of pediatric cardiology, neuropediatrics and genetic diseases, including metabolic defects. . As part of this work, I completed my palliative care and emergency physician in 2019. As a special interest I see the scientific development of the palliative care of children with great enthusiasm. Additionally I am currently working on a Masters Degree in Medical Ethics. Privately I am happily married and I have a 5 year old daughter. In my spare time I spend most of my time with family activities, especially in nature. Last but not least especially riding has inspired me since I was a child.

Emeritus Prof Scott A Murray, Primary Palliative Care Research Group. The University of Edinburgh, UK. Professor Murray is passionate for early palliative care to be universally available. He has produced and validated practical tools to help Family Physicians and hospital doctors identify people for palliative care. These are now used in over 30 countries and recommended by the WHO. He founded the International Primary Palliative Care Network , a free network to help such developments. He has developed undergraduate and postgraduate teaching resources and national and European guidelines. They made short videos in 8 languages to help clinicians, managers and policymakers grasp and scale up these innovations. He has also made videos to explain palliative care to the general public

Soy Chilena-Canadiense. Nací en Chile y viví en Canada durante 20 años. Hace un año regresé a vivir temporalmente a Chile. Soy Cirujano-Dentista, Especialista en Odontopediatría, con un Magíster en Investigación Médica y un Doctorado en Educación Medica. Soy Directora de Desarrollo de la Vicerrectoría de Investigación de la Universidad San Sebastián en Chile y Profesora Adjunta del Departamento de Medicina Familiar de la Universidad de Calgary en Canadá.